Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Wait, what is Clever Kids Mysteries?

Great question.  Essentially it’s a physical game that is sent to your home as a case file with all sorts of clues and assets.  Each game includes eight puzzles for kids to figure out with the help of a parent, grandparent, older sibling, babysitter, etc.   The eight puzzles are built into a story in which you’re trying to solve a mystery.  The puzzles will stretch the mind in different ways: logical thinking, reading and comprehension, spacial recognition, some math and – more than anything else – patience.  That said, it’s also really fun and the payoff is when your child has that “Eureka!” moment after they’ve figured out one of the puzzles.

How much do the games cost?

Currently, we price our games at $9.99 (plus shipping costs).  Frankly, we’ve been told to charge more but our goal is to get our games into more households and we don’t want price to be a barrier to that.

How long will the fun last?

Typically our games take 1-3 hours.  That said, we’ve designed this to not be a race but to be a fun exercise in which solving puzzles should feel gratifying for the child.  There isn’t anything stopping you from taking a few days to finish as your child thinks through the puzzles.

What’s the ideal age range for this activity kit?

Preferably, your child will be between 6 and 12.  Reading is pretty essential however a parent can always help with that too.  That said, younger children will probably need more assistance from a parent while an older child will typically need less help. Keep in mind that working with your child on the puzzles is one of the benefits of the product (as we learned through our own experiences).

How difficult are the puzzles?

So far, all of our games include eight puzzles in all and they vary in complexity and style.  They won’t take too long and require different styles of thinking and problem solving. If you (and your child) get stuck at any point, we send along a hint sheet.  Plus, you can check your answers on our website (www.cleverkidsmysteries/solve).

What inspired Clever Kids?

We’ve always liked to come up with little games for our twin girls.  That said, the idea of doing a puzzle game was inspired by a recent trip to an escape room as a work outing.  It was loads of fun but might be too much for younger kids.  Clever Kids Mysteries provides a very similar experience that you can do in your pajamas (and at a relatively low cost).  Plus, the kit checks three boxes: educational, entertaining and engaging.