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Our six year old twins love solving mysteries (even if they’re inventing cases like ‘Who ate all the cheetos?’  Spoiler alert: Usually Dad).  On a recent rainy Saturday in late November, we decided to create a fun activity for them that would let them solve a Christmas-themed mystery.  We built a series of puzzles on paper and the girls spent an hour solving fun puzzles that spanned logical thinking, math, spacial recognition, etc.  They absolutely loved it!  When one of the twins pleaded to “do another one please!”, we knew we were onto something.

Now, we’d like to share this project with the world!  Thanks for your support and we hope your children enjoy this activity as much as ours did.  We also hope to keep these products going, creating more puzzle kits for other holidays.  We’ll need your support so please leave a review and say hi.

Talk to you soon,