Clever Kids Mysteries: The Perfect Family Fun During Quarantine Nights

Engaging mysteries!  Head-scratching puzzles!  Wholesome family fun!

Detectives families everywhere grade Clever Kids Mysteries five stars!

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Mystery at the Lux Museum

The Clever Kids Detective Agency is at it again.  This time, something strange is happening at the Lux Museum and there may be treasure hidden within.  Can you help the team retrieve the treasure through puzzle-solving?

Case of the Wayward Sleigh

Christmas is days away and Santa is stranded.  Solve this holiday-themed mystery by deciphering clues, solving puzzles and locating Santa's whereabouts.  The perfect game to put you in the holiday spirit!

Curse of Arcana Island

An ancient curse has wreaked havoc on Arcana Island.  To reverse the curse, you'll have to reconfigure water systems, explore underground salt mines, piece together maps, read flag symbols, assemble totem poles and more!

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Scavenge in the Attic

A rainy afternoon spent hanging around the house leads to cryptic clues hinting at undiscovered treasure.   Now, can you help the Clever Kids team scavenge for clues and uncover a secret left behind long ago?